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Mineral additive-sorbent Zeoclin contains, along with other minerals, a large amount of colloidal silicon dioxide, the ratio of which corresponds to the colloidal system of animals:

SiO2 69.3%;
Fe2O3 3.0%;
Al2O3 23.4%;
CaO 1.8%;
Mg0 1,5%;
MnO 0.5%;
K2O is 0.1%.

Mineral supplement Zeoclin able to exert the following positive effects on the animal's body:

stops diarrhea;
reduces the acidity of gastric juice, eliminates heartburn;
improves pancreatic function, lowers blood sugar;
helps in the fight against severe obesity and hair loss;
restores acid-base balance;
slows the growth of tumors, promotes their encapsulation;
cuts, wounds and burns heal faster;
increases effectiveness of treatment of infectious diseases;
it has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
helps in the fight against thyroid ailments;
strengthens bone tissue - (receiving Zaklina for osteoporosis increases bone strength by 30%);
allows the body to quickly cope with diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
accelerates wound healing and fracture consolidation;
normalizes the electrolyte composition of the blood;
saturates the body with macro-and microelements;
binds and removes toxins and heavy metals from the body;
increases the effectiveness of treatment of skin diseases;
restores the structure of bone tissue in osteochondrosis;
primary osteoarthritis with lesions of the knee and hip joints;
low back pain without orthopedic complications;
injuries, after operations with damage to connective and bone tissue;
periods of intensive growth and aging of animals;
great physical activity, pain syndromes, stress.

Mineral supplement Zeoclin order of application.

Enter into the humans or animal individual method, mixing with food or diluted with water . Apply daily for 2-3 weeks.

After a month break, the course of application of Zeoclin can be repeated.

Side effects and complications in the use of Zeoclin in accordance with the instruction manual is not observed.

Contraindications are not established.

Course of treatment (min.): 7 days (7 sachets).

Zeoclin is compatible with all feed ingredients, medicines and other feed additives.

Mineral supplement Zeoclin personal prevention measures.

When working with Zeoclin, the general rules of personal hygiene and safety provided for when working with feed additives should be observed.

Mineral supplement-sorbent Zeoclin storage conditions.

The Mineral supplement should be stored in the manufacturer's packaging, in a dry, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children at a temperature from 5°C to 40°C and a relative humidity not higher than 75%.

Pharmaceutical form: powder-flour of light gray color. Does not contain genetically engineered products.

Package: sachet bags of 5 g.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

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