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Hello, my name is Mary, I'm an Orthodox healer magician Tarot layouts. Diagnostics of the situation. ????An answer to any life question.
Love magic. The strongest love spell. Return of the husband / wife to the family, restoration of love relationships. Harmonization of family relationships.
Healing magic. ????Infertility treatment. Treatment of alcoholism, gambling addiction and other addictions ...
Rites for good luck.
Increase and preservation of financial flow, ceremonies for career growth, improve business partnerships.
Rites for life and health
Work experience 10 years of personal reception. In practice, there are more than 300 rituals: removal of damage and evil eye, birth curses and the crown of celibacy, loneliness and sterility. Return of a husband / wife to the family, restoration of love relationships, assistance in business and business. With the help of prayers and rituals, I will help you to become happy. I work in person and remotely. A guarantee for all types of ceremonies. Only a real result. Contact WhatsApp's +380733557375 @gadanie_magic_mariya


  • Опубликовано: Сен 25, 2020
    • Brooklyn, New York

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