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If, in order to expand the market, you want to enter the European market, it is worth opening a branch of the company in one of the EU countries, where there may be favorable tax conditions. The branch of a company in one of the EU countries opens up the opportunity to conduct duty-free activities throughout the European Union.

The countries of Eastern Europe have some of the most favorable conditions for assessing the value of real estate and labor. Poland in particular has some of the best tax benefits and interest rates for non-EU residents.

Great Alex Ltd will help with registering a company branch and further consultation free of charge. All you will need to pay is the consular fee and transaction costs associated mainly with the translation of documents. And just like in all European countries, wait times can be observed, they can reach 2 – 3 months.

The average salary in Poland is $1910, and the minimum is $1050.

Telephone: +48 791821444


  • Опубликовано: Апр 22, 2024
    • New York City, New York

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