Handyman - New York City, New York

50.00 $

I am an experienced handyman with 13 years of experience, offering a wide array of services for homes and apartments. My expertise includes minor repairs such as fixing leaks and replacing faucets in bathrooms and showers, as well as aesthetic improvements like painting walls and ceilings. I'm skilled in installing curtain rods, hanging TVs, pictures, and other interior decorations. Additionally, I proficiently assemble both new and used furniture, connect appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, and install shelves. My professional toolkit is equipped with the latest devices, including a hammer drill, power screwdriver, and an ultrasonic wall scanner for detecting metal and wood in walls. I am committed to applying my skills and knowledge to make your space more comfortable and functional. I work across the entirety of Manhattan, including the Downtown area and Lower Manhattan, ensuring convenient and reliable service wherever you are located.


  • Опубликовано: Апр 6, 2024
    • New York City, New York

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