Detective agency “Orlinii vzor” - Los Angeles, California

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Quickly! High quality! Confidential!

Detective agency “Orlinii vzor” its services in solving the most important issues for legal entities and individuals throughout RUSSIA AND ABROAD, which are not taken by law enforcement agencies

• More than 13 years of operational and investigative activity;
• We ensure strict confidentiality of both the fact of requesting help and receiving data;
• The information collected will be complete and reliable, allowing you to make an informed decision;
• Our specialists act exclusively in Your interests, and report only to You on the results;
• Search for missing people;
* Search for lost property;
* Collecting information for participants in criminal and civil proceedings;
* Detection of unfair competition; market Research and collection of information for business negotiations; identification of unreliable business partners and non-creditworthy clients;
* Establishing the fidelity of spouses and other services.

Working hours:from 10:00 to 19: 00 seven days a week
Request from the site: round the clock
Тел: +7-(812)-389-56-07


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    • Los Angeles, California

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