Process control system engineer - Miami Gardens, Florida

2000.00 $

Experience in programming PLCs Delta, Mitsubishi, WAGO, operator panels Delta, WEINTEK, Kinо, Samkоon. Knowledge of five PLC programming languages: IL, ST, LD, FВD, CFC. Experience with SCADA system. Experience in implementing scripts in C# for SCADA. Experience with microcontrollers, FPGAs, soldering and radio installation skills. Experience with frequency converters and servo drives. I work with CODESYS 3.5, CODESYS 2.3. Worked with SQL database, MQTT protocol, radar distance sensors. Worked completely remotely. Configured a remote desktop and remote access to each object via VPN. Extensive experience in downloading, debugging programs and servicing equipment remotely, including in other countries. Extensive experience in working with very cheap high-quality automation from Chinese factories.


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  • Опубликовано: Дек 8, 2023 Изменено: Дек 8, 2023
    • Miami Gardens, Florida

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