British Kitten Monica - New York City, New York

1500.00 $

Galeksy’s Golden Monica⠀
BRI BSH ny11⠀
female ????⠀
DB: 22.07.2020⠀

Such a beautiful girl... It's love at first sight, and it's also very affectionate...⠀
A kitten with a full Package of documents, including a contract.
There will be three vaccines, two of them for viruses and one for rabies. Also included in the set Of documents will be an original certificate confirming the breed of the kitten. The kitten will come from Russia with love.
Additional information by phone. Video of the kitten will be sent to WhatsApp (tel. 89841800356)


Животные: Продам

  • Опубликовано: Окт 20, 2020
    • New York City, New York

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