Charming Bumese Kitten - Houston, Texas

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Charming Bumese Kitten
Playful and cuddly Burmese kitten in the bright, strong color sorrel is ready to be given away immediately.

Kitten comes from an old, healthy champion line.

He has already been dewormed and vaccinated three times, including two vaccinations against cat flu/cat plague, one vaccination against rabies and one vaccination against leukemia.

He is also chipped and will be given away with a current health certificate, vaccination record and a pedigree/ancestry certificate.

This great cat is moving with food packages and it's favorite toy. Kitten raised in a loving environment with relatives and is allowed to move freely around the house. And is now ready to explore his new home.

Our parents come from healthy, first-class champion lines and have been tested negative for all hereditary diseases and PL (patellar luxation).

To learn more about this charming cat, get to know him and offer him a loving home!
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  • Опубликовано: Май 5, 2024
    • Houston, Texas

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