Club Abyssinian kitten. - Los Angeles, California

900.00 $

With a full package of documents: contract, pedigree, vaccinations, chip, European passport. Birthday 06/06/23

A very affectionate, tame purrcup. Trained to the tray and scratching post. On natural feeding, I am also familiar with drying.
These are elite pets that do not require special care from humans for their fur. This breed is hypoallergenic, they have no undercoat, and their fur does not fly around the house! Looks like a cougar puma.
They DO NOT meow just like that, in the morning and when they want to eat, they show their rrr-meow only as a last resort. They don’t get angry at night, they sleep with us at our feet or on their bed.
Club parents, world champions. The nursery deals only with the Abyssinian breed and is officially a member of the WCF system. Kittens take prizes at exhibitions and participate in the BEST SHOW.
If you are thinking about purchasing this breed, do not put it off until later, hurry up to get a Christmas gift! Abyssinian cats have a very developed intelligence, they are graceful and intelligent. Abyssinians are recommended for families with small children because representatives of this breed are quite patient. They have a gorgeous coat with quite complex colors, which is quite easy to care for. The price of an Abyssinian kitten is quite high, but for this price you are getting yourself a real treasure!
Latest photos of parents. Write, I will answer on WhatsApp. Find us on Tik-Tok, username taby7angel
The kitten is in Latvia. The price is for pets. Possible sale for breeding. Delivery is negotiable.


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  • Опубликовано: Ноя 15, 2023
    • Los Angeles, California

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