We invite you to meet young puppies of the Bernese Mountain Dog - New York City, New York

1500.00 $

Our beloved and young mother Louise has wonderful puppies. They will grow up as big and active as dad. Kids grow up in a country house, free-range (not in an aviary). In our family, they are surrounded by care and love. Are grown on a professional feed. The babies will have vaccinations, a pedigree and a veterinary passport. There is an act of mating. Suitable for breeding. Parents carry blood from well-known nurseries, health checks and tests are done. There are diplomas from exhibitions. Mom is "the best junior" and "best", and dad is a champion. Excellent breed data - strong bones, powerful paws, broad head, bright color, correct. Rich fur coat. The breed is unique in its qualities. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a valiant, intelligent, hardy, courageous dog with good health. It barks very little, is tolerant and curious to other animals (the character of the shepherd affects). Peaceful, balanced, not aggressive by nature. It lends itself well to training. Mountain Dogs love to play with children. They want to be helpful. With them, they are always proud and calm. The Bernese Mountain Dog is practically a bear with a huge heart. He will always give you love, joy and will become a faithful protector for you and your children. The breed has several purposes, is used as a herding dog, a guide, in the search and rescue service, and was also used by humans to transport goods in difficult mountainous areas. She loves winter, she likes snow and coolness. Date of birth 02.01.2021 They will be ready for the move in about a couple of months. More information by phone, as well as WhatsApp / Viber and Telegram. Call and come, we will be happy to answer your questions and introduce you to the kids. Let's talk about the maintenance, education and nutrition of puppies. We will advise you about purchasing high-quality feed at discounts. We are ready to help our kids in their lives. We are located in the suburb of Gomel, Belarus. Swiss kids are waiting for their new families! We will be happy to provide any additional information about the puppy and its parents. Don't be shy - we love dogs and other people who love these beautiful creatures!


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  • Опубликовано: Янв 18, 2021
    • New York City, New York

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